What bloggers do: Behind the scenes of Finer Things Editorial

Hey, you! We see you digging around on the internet, trying to learn more about blogging. Well, if you’ve ever wondered what bloggers do, you’re in the right place. Here at Finer Things Editorial, we make blogging magic. (A client once called our Founder and Head Copywriter Charlotte an ‘actual wizard.’)

Ready to find out exactly what professional bloggers do? Let’s start with the basics of what blogging involves, then we’ll take you behind the scenes of Finer Things Editorial.

What bloggers do

Bloggers create written content in the form of blog posts. They might write blog posts for their own website/blog or for someone else’s. Bloggers can have various goals. But the main reason for blogging is usually to attract readers and convert them into loyal followers, customers, or clients.

Writing blog posts is just one part of blogging. Bloggers also:

  • Conduct blog topic and keyword research.
  • Implement SEO strategies to optimise content for search engines.
  • Edit content to catch errors and improve readability.
  • Upload blog posts to their chosen platform (often their website or a third-party site like Medium).
  • Promote blog posts across various marketing channels, such as social media and email newsletters.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of life at Finer Things Editorial, here’s what you need to know about us…

What bloggers do | Finer Things Editorial

Meet Finer Things Editorial

Meet Finer Things Editorial | Finer Things Editorial

Finer Things Editorial is a copywriting studio that creates website, sales, and blog copy for visionary womenpreneurs. When clients book our Finer Blog Copy package, we help them curate a virtual library with them as the author of their collection.

We love blogging for female business owners. Our shiny blog posts help them attract leads and secure their dream clients through Google.

Our clients often come to us when they’re ready to grow their visibility beyond what social media can provide. Our blog expertise helps them reach a wider audience and become their industry’s go-to woman.

We also have our own blog, The Finer Library. It’s packed with blogging tips and tricks to help readers understand the value of a blog and how to make the most of theirs.

What Finer Things Editorial’s bloggers do

So, let’s zoom into the Finer Things Editorial workspace. What can you expect to find our bloggers doing on an average weekday?

Aside from brewing pots of tea and singing along to West End musical soundtracks, we might be doing any of the following:

Here’s a closer look at how we handle these blogging-related activities.

What Finer Things Editorial’s bloggers do | Finer Things Editorial

Writing blog posts

We’re writers at Finer Things Editorial, first and foremost. We love to write. It’s why we got into the whole copywriting business in the first place. Squirrelled away with a hot drink, channelling the words spilling from our brains into snazzy pieces of writing? Yes, please!

Writing blog posts | Finer Things Editorial

And thank goodness, because we spend a lot of time writing. In fact, if you were to drop in on us unannounced (bit rude of you) on any given day, you’re 89.8%* likely to see us frantically typing away in Google Docs.

*We made this statistic up, but it feels right.

Aside from working on website and sales copy tasks, we write blog posts for ourselves and our clients.

Blogging isn’t a one-off, quick-fix kind of job. We blog once a week for our clients because we’ve found that’s the sweet spot for blogging frequency.

On average, it takes most bloggers five to six hours to write a blog post. For us, it depends on the client and the topic we’re covering.

Some blog posts may take us an afternoon to write. Some blog posts can take around eight hours to fully research and complete.

One thing’s certain: Each blog post we write contains unique, engaging information that addresses key problems or areas readers want to know about.

Copy editing blog posts

If we’re not writing, we’re probably copy editing something we (or someone else) has written.

Fun fact: Charlotte, the copywriting whizz behind Finer Things Editorial, is a Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).

As Margaret Atwood said, the copy editor is ‘the person who will save you from yourself.’ A good copy editor catches grammar and spelling mistakes, sure. But a great copy editor will whip your writing into its best shape, leaving you thinking ‘wow – did I write that?’

A copy editor reviews the blog posts we write for clients against their business vision and makes extra suggestions to bring this vision to life. This means not one but two experts get involved in crafting our clients’ blogs.

Clients can also request revisions to their blog posts in one round of Google Docs. We implement these amendments to guarantee our clients get content they’re super happy with and excited to upload to their website.

Meanwhile, our Finer Copy Editing service helps clients polish copy that they’ve written themselves, whether that’s fixing technical errors, refining language choices, or improving readability.

Copy editing blog posts | Finer Things Editorial

Onboarding new blogging clients

Onboarding new blogging clients | Finer Things Editorial

Our days can’t be all writing and editing. We also spend time on essential admin tasks that keep the good ship Finer Things sailing along smoothly, such as onboarding new clients.

Whenever a new client signs up for our blog package, we take them through a streamlined onboarding process. We send them their contract, their first monthly invoice, and our breakthrough brand questionnaire. This questionnaire lays the groundwork for us to get a good idea of the client’s personality and business vision.

Getting to know a client on a connection call

We invite all new clients to hop on a connection call with our team, so we can get to know them and the language they use. This helps us uphold a client’s voice and style when we write their blog posts.

Before we actually get on the call, we read through the breakthrough brand questionnaire and any other materials the client has provided. That way, we know what questions we still need to ask to understand the client’s needs inside out.

It’s also great fun meeting and chatting with new people. We love putting a face to the name and seeing the real women behind the business we’re supporting.

Getting to know a client on a connection call | Finer Things Editorial

Conducting blog topic and SEO research

Before we write any blog posts, we conduct thorough blog topic and SEO research (the Finer Things team is nerdy like that).

Coming up with topics that align with search trends ensures more people are likely to find our clients’ blog posts and businesses. We then put these topics into an editorial calendar outlining the plan for each month’s blog content.

Many bloggers and businesses use editorial calendars to streamline their blog production. A calendar ensures our clients know exactly when to publish each blog post. All the client needs to do is check their Google Sheet to see the month’s new topics.

With our researcher hats on, we also investigate relevant keywords for our clients. We then weave these into blog posts during the writing process, while also following other crucial SEO strategies.

Full SEO implementation is a key part of our blogging process. It helps our clients’ blog posts show up in Google search results. This way, their ideal clients can find them when they Google their problems.

(There are other search engines out there, like Bing.com and DuckDuckGo. However, considering 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps, Google is the undisputed online search giant.)

Conducting blog topic and SEO research | Finer Things Editorial

Discover what our bloggers do to get womenpreneurs seen online

Discover what our bloggers do to get womenpreneurs seen online | Finer Things Editorial

And that’s a wrap! From getting to know our clients to polishing up blog posts, we’ve given you a peek behind the curtain at what our bloggers do.

If this has inspired you to launch a blog for your business but you’d rather let the pros handle things, we’d love to help.

About Finer Things Editorial

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