Meet Louise, Senior Content Alchemist

Hello! I’m Lou

A content whisperer who knows exactly how to get your brand on the page (or the screen). 

Soon after starting my content writing career I, like Charlotte, realised that the corporate world wasn’t where I belonged.

Before joining Finer Things Editorial, I spent several years exploring my passion for storytelling, health and fitness, and nature.

Now, I get to combine my interests by writing content for businesses that want to make a positive impact on the world.

I believe that powerful stories can inspire people to change. That’s why I create clear, engaging content for campaigns of all magnitudes. I want to tell your unique brand story and improve your online visibility.

Louise Aust | Finer Things Editorial | Shrewsbury | Oswestry | Shropshire | Content writing | Content marketing

Lou's Impactful Content Writing

I put our clients’ business efforts into compelling words, helping them raise their profiles as groundbreakers in their respective industries.

These industries include nature and climate, sustainable lifestyle, and health and fitness, to name a few.

Although I turn my hand to all kinds of topics when writing, my fitness and nature qualifications – plus my experience as a business and communications manager for a popular gym – mean I can offer valuable insights when working with businesses in these industries.

With experience as a director’s assistant and BBC production assistant, I also have the knowledge and insights to support clients in the television and film industry.

Visual Media And Brand Marketing

Given my background in visual media and brand marketing (and my BA degree in English with Creative Writing), I take pride in communicating different brand messages to different audiences, adjusting my voice and writing style to get this right time and time again.

I know my stuff when it comes to turning complex material into accessible, compelling content. The Finer Things team calls me ‘RumpelstiltsLou’ for my ability to turn complicated topics into golden material.

How Lou Joined The Finer Things Editorial Team

When I met Charlotte, I wasn’t looking to join Finer Things Editorial as a content executive. I was actually teaching her to squat and deadlift … Yep, I used to be her fitness instructor.

We got to know each other through weekly classes at our local gym, between much sweating, laughter, and dancing around to Britney Spears.

The time came when I was looking to leave my role at the gym, as I was moving away to live with my partner. Charlotte knew about my background in content writing. I was also the gym’s marketing and communications manager at the time, so she had a pretty good idea of my abilities. She took the plunge and asked if I’d be interested in working with her.

Sometimes, things in life align, and you’ve got to go with your gut instinct. Of course, I said yes. I haven’t looked back.

Meet Lou

Ultra-Processed People by Chris van Tulleken.

Longevity, holistic health, how there’s not enough data on women’s reproductive and sexual health out there, emotional intelligence, the pagan ritual year in Britain, the power of nature.

A peaceful cottage where I grow my own food and cloud-gaze under fruit trees.

Tomatoes or courgettes.

Wearing reusable period products like Modibodi pants.

Ethical athleisure wear, cute autumnal mugs, how to progress into a pistol squat, ultimate X-Files skip it/watch it guide.

Lou's Certifications And Training

  • YMCA
    Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • University of Derby
    Nature Connectedness Course
  • University of Birmingham
    BA: English with Creative Writing — First Class (Hons) + Sonnenschein Prize and Churton Collins Prize (for highest exam and module results)