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Questions we’ve been asked about the Finer Blog Package:

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I don't want one blog post a week. Can I have fewer posts in my package?

Blogging less than once a week is unlikely to generate an increase in website traffic. Some content writers offer monthly blog posts, but these won’t give you a good return on investment.

Unless your industry has virtually no competition, we recommend publishing at least one blog post a week. We want to help your business grow, so we don’t launch blog campaigns that are too small to benefit you.

What If I Want More Than One Blog Post A Week?

You can’t have too many blog posts! Tell us what you need, and we’ll draw up a quote for a custom package.

How Long Do I Have To Sign Up For?

We run rolling monthly contracts. You can cancel whenever you like with 30 days’ notice.

Why Should I Hire A Blog Specialist?

There are two main reasons why you should hire a blog specialist.

What Makes You Different From Other Content Writers?

These are the top five factors that set us apart from other bloggers and content creators.

Can You Write About My Industry?

We love getting to know our clients, their industries, and their brands. We’re used to diving in and making ourselves at home with their niches by doing plenty of research and background reading. 

When you work with us, we’ll also:

We’re a particularly good fit for businesses that improve the well-being of their clients, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or on a business level. We have written for nutritionists, health professionals, and business coaches, amongst many other wellness-focused entrepreneurs.

Our writer team has qualifications, experience, and interest in wellness fields on top of blogging and digital content.

How Will You Make My Blog Posts Sound Like Me?

We genuinely care about our clients’ businesses. We want to learn the ins and outs of your business and become part of your team. Once we fully understand your mission, brand voice, and needs, we’ll find it easy to sound just like you.

Can You Write In American English?

Yes. We’re based in England, but many of our clients are in the U.S. We write for businesses all over the world.

Do you use AI tools to write content?

No. AI tools like ChatGPT only use existing data when producing content. This means they can’t come up with new ideas or original content. They also can’t get to know your business like a human can, so they won’t produce content that fully aligns with your brand.

Our Creative Director Charlotte recently took part in a content workshop with several talented entrepreneurs. The group reviewed one business owner’s content. She had used ChatGPT to save time. All group members knew she’d used ChatGPT straight away as the content was off-brand and overly promotional. 

Here’s a more detailed overview of the risks that come with using ChatGPT content.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

Blogging is not a quick-win strategy. It’s a long game with long-term results. Most weekly blogs see steady progress and then bigger growth in 12 months.

The length of time taken to see results depends on factors like your domain authority and whether you have a blog that’s already performing well.

Some top-ranking blog posts have been showing up in the top spot of Google results since 2001. That’s over 20 years of lead generation in one blog post.

What's Better: Blogging Vs Social Media?

Blogging and social media have different benefits. Blogging is usually better for long-term growth as each blog post can show up in Google search results and reap rewards for years. Social media posts can be quicker to produce, but the lifespan of each post is much shorter.

You’ve got:

Why Is Blogging Important For Business?

A blog supports business growth over time. Consistent, high-quality blog posts:

How Can I See My Blog Traffic?

You can make a Google Analytics account to see your blog traffic. Google Analytics will show you how many people are coming to your website, where they’re coming from, and whether they’re converting.

What Is Blog SEO?

Blog SEO (search engine optimisation) includes:

Can You Write My Website Content As Well As My Blog Posts?

Yes, we can. Take a look at our content writing page for more info.

How Do We Get Started?

Here’s what happens when you sign up to work with us:

We’ll send you three documents: your T&Cs, onboarding questionnaire, and first month’s invoice.

Once you’ve signed the T&Cs, completed and returned the questionnaire, and paid your invoice, we’ll have everything we need to get started.

We’ll review your onboarding questionnaire to come up with questions so we can get to know you.

We’ll invite you to book a Virtual Coffee so we can ask you these questions. The aim is for us to really understand who you are and what you want for your blog.

During this call, we’ll also provide your start date for your blog. From this date onwards, you’ll receive a blog post every week.

We’ll send your invoices on this start date every month. This will begin from your second month, as the first month is covered in the deposit invoice.

Within seven days of your virtual coffee, we’ll send you your four bonuses:

  • Your personalised content planner.
  • Your keyword research.
  • Your style sheet.
  • Your bio.