How blogging can make money in the well-being world

If you help your clients achieve transformation, there will be lots of other people who need your help too. They just don’t know it yet. Starting a blog is an excellent way to help these people find – and book – you, giving your income a healthy boost.

Before we get started: Blog monetisation strategies usually involve third-party advertising, affiliate marketing, or sponsorship. These are all valid ways to monetise a blog and are usually more effective when you already have a high-traffic blog.

However, we’re focusing on how business owners can make money by attracting clients through their blogs. (Because business owners are our people.)

We’ll cover:

Why a blog is a must-have marketing channel

Blogs (or ‘weblogs’) arose as online journals. Early bloggers wrote informal, diary-style posts containing personal experiences and opinions.

Some people still use blogs for this purpose. However, many businesses and entrepreneurs now have blogs as part of their marketing campaigns.

When used in marketing, a blog is any regularly updated website or page that shares information and brings in leads.

There are several reasons why a blog is a must-have for your business. Most importantly, you can SEO-optimise your blog to attract loads more people to your website.

A blog can also help you build your reputation as an industry leader. Plus, a blog can bring people closer to working with you.

Why a blog is a must-have marketing channel | Finer Things Editorial

We help entrepreneurs who improve people’s personal and / or business well-being go from invisible to irresistible with Google-ranking blog posts that reel in clients. 

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Now, on with learning how blogging can make money in the well-being world.

How blogging can make money by attracting clients

Tired of wasting your precious time hunting for leads? Promoting your services through your wellness blog is one of the best ways to attract ideal clients to your business.

A well-optimised blog creates a stream of ready-to-buy people to your website. As your blog and online reputation grows, projects start coming in. But how does it all work?

How blogging can make money by attracting clients | Finer Things Editorial

Simply put, when your ideal clients Google phrases and questions related to your expertise, a blog can help you appear at the top of their search results.

Imagine you’re a business coach who specialises in helping women entrepreneurs triple their income. Your ideal client Googles ‘business coach for women’ to find someone like you.

Luckily, you’ve written a blog post about this topic. Importantly, you’ve included the phrase ‘business coach for women’ enough times for Google to know the post is useful and relevant.

Google shows the post to your ideal client. They click on the link, land on your website, and discover:

  • How brilliant / knowledgeable / friendly you are.
  • How you could help them.
  • The steps they can take to hire you.

How blogging can make money by boosting brand awareness

The most successful brands are often the most recognisable. Brand awareness is one of the most powerful ways to drive sales performance.

A blog can help your target audience become familiar with your brand. The more blog posts you write about topics relevant to your ideal clients, the more likely they are to see you in Google search results.

For example, your dream client Googles ‘nutrition advice for losing weight.’ One of your blog posts pops up in the search results. They read the post. Then, they click through to another. And another. And another. You become memorable to them.

Someone will rarely visit your website and immediately book your services. On average, prospects need to see your brand at least seven times before considering you as a suitable choice for hiring.

How blogging can make money by boosting brand awareness | Finer Things Editorial

However, people can get to know you better through your blog posts.

By sharing your industry insights, you can position yourself as their go-to info source. By showcasing your personality and unique brand story, you can connect with your ideal clients before they decide to work with you.

How blogging can make money through passive income

Another way that blogging can make money is by helping you generate passive income. You can use your blog posts to promote digital products like ebooks, guides, and online courses. You can sell these products alongside your in-person services to supplement your income.

In 2020, two billion people bought at least one digital product. The eLearning market could be worth $325 billion by 2025.

How blogging can make money through passive income | Finer Things Editorial

You could create any number of different digital resources depending on your skills and expertise. Many people generate passive income with educational resources, downloadable files, stock photos, and printable templates.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, the chances are you’ve already written a good amount of insightful content. You can bundle a collection of related blog posts into an ebook or downloadable guide people can buy online. You can then promote your ebook or guide in future blog posts.

For example, a life coach could create a self-help ebook with insights into professional and personal development.

With a little tweaking, blog posts on subjects like ‘sustaining healthy relationships’ and ‘avoiding burnout’ could become the ebook’s chapters.

Mastering the art of how blogging can make money

There’s lots of advice out there on blogging. Why listen to us? Well, we’ve helped business owners like you attract thousands of daily website visitors with a blog.

One client has gone from 0 to approximately 18,000 page views a month. That was within 18 months of starting their blog for them.

We’ve also achieved 65 page-one Google keyword rankings within 16 months of starting a blog. These rankings include 22 keywords taking the top spot in Google search results (beating major brands).

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