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Are you the woman staring at a blank Google doc, wondering where to begin with her website copy? The woman who realises an hour has passed, and she’s still watching the cursor blink back at her?

If this has you nodding, you’re probably familiar with that feeling of frustration. The one that leads to scrapping your document and maybe shouting a sweary word or two (or six). You’ll hang onto your outdated, kind-of-meh website and keep working waaayyy too hard on stab-in-the-dark marketing efforts to attract the right clients.

Unless you invest in a copywriting expert who can do the heavy lifting for you, of course. With copy that acts as your 24-hour salesperson, your business can feel calmer, peaceful, and easy. Dreamy enquiries, order confirmations, and press opportunities can float into your world while you’re sleeping.

All you need is a website that oozes the best version of you. A website with copy that has you sticking in ideal clients’ minds like a song they just can’t get out of their heads.

Copywriting expert behind Finer Things Editorial Charlotte Peate
Founder and head copywriter at Finer Things Editorial Charlotte Peate
Copywriters reviewing a client project | Finer Things Editorial

We’ve written hundreds of copy projects for women who were once in your shoes

(Or comfy socks)

We don’t work for our women. We work with them. We make sure their vision shines through every page, section, sentence, and word.

To make this magic happen for you, we’ll get to know you as we would a friend. We won’t just be your copywriting experts. We’ll also be your biggest cheerleaders.

Once we know how to become you, we’ll step into your soul in the least creepy way possible. And we’ll write your copy with your business vision in mind.

We’ll also do all the behind-the-scenes SEO work to help your dream clients find you online. It’s not all about the pretty stuff. We’re here in the down-and-dirty bits, too.

To finish, voila, you can come in and request a round of revisions. (If you want to – most of our clients don’t request a single edit.) Either way, this gives you the peace of mind that your copy won’t be finished until you say it’s perfect.

So, who’s the copywriting expert behind the brand?

Oh, that’s me!

I’m Charlotte, cauliflower cheese addict, extroverted introvert, and unreasonably passionate Oxford comma fan.

Some of the ingredients I’ll pour into your top-shelf copy include:

Do you hear the people sing?

Finer Things Editorial's founder Charlotte Peate
Copywriter and founder of Finer Things Editorial

Copywriting chose me many years ago

I used to be a nine-to-five digital marketer. I worked on all kinds of marketing tasks, mostly writing-related, and I rarely felt heard by senior managers. That said, clients consistently liked where I was coming from.

With brands asking for writing help outside my full-time job, I soon realised I had to stop playing things safe. I quit my stable job and started writing copy to help businesses capture the attention they deserve. Now, my mini power team makes this magic happen for womenpreneurs from all walks of life.

You could be the next woman to enter our world.

And we’d love that.

The do-you-know-what-you’re-doing? bit

I trained in inbound marketing (which is all about attracting clients by resonating with them) with HubSpot, the gold standard in the marketing world. As such, I love to dive into the SEO side of copywriting. Finer blog campaigns that I have overseen have led to results like:

Finer Things Editorial's founder's professional background
Finer Things Editorial's founder's credentials

What else have you got in the copywriting expert bag?

I have two degrees (a bachelor’s in English and a master’s in Creative Writing), and I’m a keen storyteller, which is pretty handy when it comes to telling clients’ unique stories. I have been long- and shortlisted for literary prizes like the international Hammond House Literary Prize, Bristol Short Story Prize, and Mslexia Short Story Prize.

I’m also a Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). This means I’ve completed CIEP courses, passed their editorial test, and provided proof of my extensive editorial experience.

Coached by

Business and executive coach Lisa Ibby.


Seven-figure coach Maria Wendt.


Online marketing expert Amy Porterfield.

Copywriter preparing personality-focused notes | Finer Things Editorial

A peek into my life

INFJ (Advocate) aka super intuitive, creative, ready to stand up and make a difference.

Anything from my extensive pyjama collection. I couldn’t possibly choose one set.

Entrepreneurship, spirituality, well-being practices, where to go for a spa day.

A barn conversion with wooden beams, open-plan spaces, and a rose garden.

Under blankets reading, doing online courses, listening to podcasts, and maybe emerging for an hour to take a walk.

Parboiling and freezing giant bags of potatoes so you can have homemade roasties on demand.

Top business podcasts, super-soft pjs, best walking routes in Shropshire.

I couldn’t do it alone

Meet Lou, my right-hand woman.

Lou is a copywriting expert with an impressive knack for nailing our clients’ voices. It’s honestly spooky. She can also create compelling copy about literally any industry. In fact, I’ve nicknamed her ‘RumpelstiltsLou’ because she can spin any topic into pure gold.

Lou’s background in visual media and brand marketing (and her BA in English with Creative Writing) helps her tell our clients’ unique brand stories and improve their online visibility.

I met Lou when she was a fitness instructor at a women-only gym. She loves cheerleading for women who are ready to make a change for the better in their lives or businesses – women just like you.

ENFJ (Protagonist) aka warm, thoughtful, and keen to make a positive impact on other people.

What makes a great story, homemade pizza, emotional intelligence, how brilliant her friends are.

A peaceful cottage where she can grow her own food and cloud-gaze under fruit trees.

The humble yet mega-versatile tomato.

Wearing reusable period products like Modibodi pants.

Ethical athleisure wear, optimal strength training for women, best Come Dine With Me episodes.

Charlotte Peate and Louise Aust | Finer Things Editorial
Senior Copy Alchemist Lou Aust | Finer Things Editorial