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You’ve tried to write copy that connects with the people you can really support. You know what to say in person, but getting this message on the page is a different story.

Now you’re in a position where…

Fortunately, it is possible to voice your message in copy that directly speaks to your ideal clients. To attract the right people while detracting the wrong ones. To have people read your copy and know – without a doubt – that they need you.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

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It’s time for your dream clients to know you can help

Right now, your dream client is looking for the solution you offer. They’re 11 coffees down, and they have 29 tabs open on their laptop.

Every website sounds the same. Each belongs to a copy-paste entrepreneur with the same background and offer suite. Your ideal client sighs. They’ll probably just book the cheapest option and hope for the best.

But the next tab is where they find your website. The place where they feel heard. Where they realise that no one else is going to get them like you will.

Hey there, I’m Charlotte!

I used to be that woman in the workplace

The one with the creative ideas that management didn’t want to hear.

I didn’t stick around. Instead, I took my creative ideas and launched Finer Things Editorial.

We don’t follow outdated copywriting approaches here. We don’t do blah, boring writing. Not when we could listen to you and alchemise your message into standout copy. Which is what we do for women all over the world.

I’m far from the only woman who has had her vision diluted and her confidence suppressed in a corporate (or trying-to-be-corporate) world.

If you’ve been made to feel that your voice doesn’t matter, I can promise you one thing: Your voice is about to get bigger and bolder.

With our signature copywriting frameworks, people are going to hear what you have to say.

Copywriter who traded the corporate world for running a copy studio | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriter who makes women's voices bigger and bolder | Finer Things Editorial

We love supporting womenpreneurs who are:


Who have strong values and are ready to make a difference.


Who are goal-driven, motivated, and inspired.


Who work for the greater good of those around them.

'That’s me,' we hear you say.

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Sales copy that gets clients booking your latest service, programme, or course.

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Finer Blog Copy

Blog posts that help clients find (and book) you when Googling their problems.

Done every week.

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You transform your clients' lives – we'll transform your brand copy

We’re here for the CEOs, founders, leaders, coaches, trailblazers, and empresses who:

We’ll take on your voice to write the copy that allows you to enter your visionary era.

Let's team up.

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