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Meet Our Creative Director

Hey there, I’m Charlotte

Content writing chose me many years ago. I was a nine-to-five digital marketer, working on all kinds of marketing tasks. 

But with brands asking for writing help outside my full-time job, I soon realised I had to stop playing things safe.

I quit my stable job and started writing content to help businesses in the wellness space capture the attention they deserve.

Now, my mini power team makes this magic happen for many more businesses and entrepreneurs. 

We help businesses in the wellness space pin down who they really are. Then, we help them vocalise their authentic voices in content that sells. 

And we’d love to welcome you to our world.

Want to know more about my story? Grab a coffee (or a hot chocolate, if you’re like me), and let’s go.

Client Love

What It Means To Work With Us

If you’ve hired a content writer before, you know what it’s like to cross your fingers and toes, hoping that this time you’ve found someone who really gets you.

We’ll get to know you like we would a friend. We want to intuitively understand you and embody everything you stand for in your content.

Working with us means receiving the content you need to attract clients. Becoming a go-to name in your space. And getting your time back.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or burnt out by content writing – or the idea of content writing – anymore. 

Instead, we’ll take your writing efforts off your hands. We’ll transform words into wellness, so your audience can find their sanctuary.

Things That Make Us Different

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There are loads of content writers out there. Most of them are similar. This can make it difficult to choose who to work with. 

Here are five benefits of working with Finer Things Editorial.

We love writing for businesses that improve the well-being of others, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, or on a business level.

Much of our writing experience lies in this area, having created content for nutritionists, health professionals, and business coaches, amongst many other wellness-focused entrepreneurs.

Our writer team has qualifications, experience, and interest in wellness fields as well as digital content. 


Many content writers don’t know a lot about SEO. They might work with SEO professionals, but that doesn’t mean they apply their own Google-friendly knowledge when writing. We write great content and make sure it shows up online.

You need a keyword strategy before you can start creating impactful blog posts. This is the strategy that will make sure people actually find your blog online.

Many content marketing companies (including big agencies) download a spreadsheet of keywords from SEO software and then charge you an arm and a leg for it. 

Our keyword research process isn’t like that. We use several SEO tools. We take a deep dive into your industry. We analyse what your competitors are doing. And we identify how you can beat their keyword optimisation efforts.

Most content marketers will create your keyword research once and then leave it to go stagnant. We don’t just create keyword research before we start your blog. We’ll update that research every time we create a new blog post for you. 

This way, the foundations of your content campaigns will never be outdated.

We’re a small but powerful content marketing team. We’re nowhere near agency size (or prices!), but we can offer a whole lot more than a standalone freelancer. 

More Love

Results We Achieve Through Blogging

We write all kinds of web content, but blogging is our specialism. Why do we love it so much?

Well, businesses that blog get 67% more leads. And we like our clients to get tangible results.

If you need a blog that positions you as an industry leader and lands clients, you’ve come to the right place.

For starters, our blog campaigns have seen:


One of our client’s blogs attracted 600 users a day within two years of the blog’s inception. But blog reach grows over time. After an additional two years of inactivity, this blog now often reaches over 1,000 users a day.

That’s within 16 months of a blog’s inception. These rankings include 22 keywords ranking at number one and beating major brands.

That’s within 18 months of taking over a neglected blog.

We create informative content that fills knowledge gaps and provides genuine value.

Great Content, Finally

Land clients with a blog that acts as a 24-hour salesperson.

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