Premium Copy Editing Services

Whether your project is a website, blog post, brochure, eBook, or article, our copy editing service will get your writing in its best shape.

What Is Copy Editing, And Why Is It Important?

Copy editing involves checking your content for spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes/inconsistencies and improving clarity, style, and readability.

A professional copy editing service can refine your content by:

Who Needs A Copy Editing Service?

Copy editing is often popular with specialists in niche industries. These clients might not hire writers because their area of expertise is so specific/in-depth that it would take longer to explain their content needs to a writer than it would to write the content themselves.

But these clients can hire a copy editor to ensure their content gets their messages across clearly and accurately. If you’d prefer to write your own content and have a fully qualified editor check your writing for technical inaccuracies, stylistic flaws, and SEO weaknesses, we can help.

What Will Your Copy Edit Address?

We’ll rephrase repetition and awkward phrasing to make your content smooth and clear.

We’ll catch complicated sentences and adjust these to improve readability.

We’ll clear up spelling, capitalisation, grammar, punctuation, and hyphenation errors.

We’ll ensure clarity by making concise, compelling language suggestions.

We’ll make style suggestions that are appropriate for your target audience.

We’ll evaluate your overall message and help you hone the angle of your content.

We’ll help you craft short, catchy introductions that make readers care.

We’ll make sure your content closes with a clear call to action that encourages readers to take a next step.

What About Copy Editing Marketing Materials?

When it comes to copy editing materials for your business, there are additional things a marketing copy editor can help you with. 

These additions will help you show up in Google search results and increase the likelihood of readers taking action when they see your content. 

We can:

We can edit marketing collateral according to:

We also draw up a style sheet free of charge for clients who don’t have one yet.

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How Will You Receive Your Edits?

We’ll use Suggested Changes and comments to make edits and suggestions in Google Docs.

What Copy Editing Qualifications Do We Have?

Lots of businesses offer copy editing. But few use professionals who have undergone high-quality copy editing training. Our editor Charlotte is a Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). To reach this level of membership, she has:

We also work with two contributing editors, who are both members of the CIEP.

Copy Editing Vs Proofreading: What's The Difference?

People often confuse copy editing and proofreading, but they are different services.

Copy editing should come before proofreading, which is the final stage of editing.  A proofreader will examine content one last time and highlight minor formatting and text errors.

Copy editing is a much more involved service. A copy editor will go beyond basic grammar and punctuation corrections.

They will make suggestions on how to improve style, flow, readability, language choice, and alignment with your brand.

We include proofreading at the end of our copy editing service.

What Does Copy Editing Cost?

£40 per hour.

We charge hourly rather than a flat fee for copy editing because every piece of content needs a different level of input. However, we can provide you with a quote upon seeing a 500-word sample of your content, which we’ll edit for free.