Zhuzh up your writing with the Finer Copy Editing service

You’ve got the words – but you want to make them even better

What is copy editing?

A copy editing service involves improving clarity, style, and readability. Fixing technical errors and inconsistencies. Checking facts. Strengthening the angle and stories included. Refining language choices. Ensuring your copy is a good fit for your audience and brand.

We do all this and then some. Our clients want more. They want their copy whipped into fluffy peaks. That’s why our copy edits resemble comprehensive audits that show you how to take your copy from serviceable to hang on, that’s brilliant!

It’s time for your copy to glow.

Who needs a copy editing service?

Anyone who wants their copy taken up a notch (or five). Anyone who prefers to write their own copy but needs an editor to make sure their words get their brand across in the best light.

The copy editor behind the Finer Copy Editing service
Copy editor taking notes on edits to make for a client | Finer Things Editorial

The Finer Copy Edit: what you’ll get

We’ll copy edit your writing with the following in mind:

Copy editing style

We can edit copy according to:

We also draw up a style sheet free of charge if you don’t have one yet.

Must be from a project of at least 5,000 words.

Copyeditor choosing books to influence a client's style | Finer Things Editorial
Copyeditor leaving suggested changes in a Google doc and reviewing with client | Finer Things Editorial

How will you receive your edits?

We’ll use Suggested Changes and comments to make edits in Google Docs.

Copy editing vs proofreading: What's the difference?

People often confuse copy editing with proofreading, but they are different services. Entrepreneurs typically only need a copy editor. On the other hand, book publishers hire a separate copy editor and proofreader to carry out these separate services.

If you are writing a book, copy editing comes before proofreading. After the copy editor makes all the changes listed earlier, a designer lays out the text ready to print. The proofreader then examines the design files to check for any last formatting and text errors.

Copyeditor making notes for a client's edit | Finer Things Editorial
Copy editor's notepad | Finer Things Editorial

What does copy editing cost?

£50 (64 USD) per hour.

We have an hourly fee rather than a flat fee for our copy editing service because every piece of copy needs a different level of input. However, we can provide you with a quote upon seeing a 300-word sample, which we’ll edit for free.

Charlotte, the Finer Things Editorial CEO
Copy editor completing a free sample edit for a prospective client | Finer Things Editorial

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