Why Do You Need a Blog?

There are so many reasons why you need a well-optimised, well-written blog for business growth. 

If we listed all the benefits of the Finer Blog Copy package here, you’d be reading for hours. 

So, let’s focus on the top five advantages that this package offers.

1. Get your time back

The best thing about entrusting us with your blog? You won’t have to do anything.

Writing, optimising, editing, and uploading a high-quality blog post takes around five hours.

As you typically need to publish at least one blog post a week to see results, you’ll need 260 hours a year. That’s nearly two working months. A whole sixth of your year.

Whether you’re launching a new blog for your business or you’re currently managing your own, you don’t have to spend this time. Leave your blog in our hands, and we’ll work its magic for you.

2. Land ideal clients

Many marketing strategies leave you trapped in a feast-and-famine cycle.

You complete one client project. You spend ages securing the next. You complete that client project. You spend ages securing the next.

A well-optimised blog opens the door to a stream of ready-to-buy website visitors. As your online reputation builds, projects start rolling in.

When your ideal clients search for phrases and questions related to your expertise, and you show up in the top Google search results, you become their go-to solution provider.

Congratulations, you’re now an industry leader!

Speaking of which…

3. Become an industry leader

You are unique at what you do. But your market is likely flooded with competitors.

With all these competitors lining up, who are your ideal clients turning to for support?

If it’s not you, don’t worry. This can change.

A blog is a sure-fire way to position yourself as an industry leader. When you show up in Google search results with the answers to your ideal clients’ questions, you become the go-to provider.

You can use your blog to get even more well known by repurposing your blog content across all of your marketing channels.

More on that next…

4. Create content for all of your marketing channels

Don’t let your marketing efforts drain all your time and energy.

Instead, use your blog as the central hub for all your marketing channels.

Here’s how:

5. Make customer service a breeze

Launching a blog with us? Your customer service is about to get so much easier.

When prospects email you with questions and you’re short on time, you can direct them to the relevant blog post.

They’ll get a highly useful resource, you’ll save time, and they’ll have access to even more of your insightful content.

Let’s use our client Sam as an example. We wrote Sam a blog post every three days for two years. Their blog became their customer service team’s ultimate knowledge hub.

Every customer query had an answer in our carefully crafted blog posts.

And if we hadn’t covered a question, we added it to our blog queue, ensuring that anyone searching for the same answers stumbled upon Sam’s wisdom and irresistible solutions.

Hint: These solutions involved buying from them.

Your business can benefit from a blog too

Want these five benefits for your business?

Enter: Finer Blog Copy.

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