The blog package that takes womenpreneurs from invisible to irresistible

Love a real-life library? Let’s curate a virtual one where you’re the author of the collection.

Copywriter thinking about the value of blogging vs social media | Finer Things Editorial

You have buckets of expertise, but you’re relying on social media to show it

You know you have what it takes to be an industry expert. But social media is the only place you’re sharing your knowledge with new people.

You need more visibility than social media can provide alone. You need a blog that gets you seen, and noticed, online.

Copywriter reviewing notes for the Finer Blog Copy package | Finer Things Editorial

Countless blog posts popping up in your dream clients' Google searches

What if you had a knowledge hub that showcases your expertise? A library stocked with blog posts answering the questions your dream clients are Googling?

When these people turn to Google, they find your blog posts. They fall down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Aka your world. And realise they need your services.

I just love a happy ending.

Finer Blog Copy: What you’ll get

A blog package that spotlights you as the go-to expert in your industry.

£997 (1,245 USD) per month

This questionnaire illuminates the roots of your brand – the parts we need to understand to write copy that’s true to you. If you’ve been burned before and received copy that felt off, it’s probably because your copywriter didn’t ask the right questions about your brand first.

During this welcome call, we’ll get to know you and the language you use. We’ll really listen. This way, we’ll be able to uphold your voice and style when we write your blog posts.

We’ll come up with blog topics that align with search trends. Not knowing what to post about doesn’t have to be a problem any more.

We’ll lay out a plan for each month’s blog content. You’ll know exactly when to publish each blog post. Check back to your Google Sheet to see your new topics every month.

We’ll create unique blog posts that dive into key problems or areas that your ideal clients want to know about.

We’ll follow strategies that help you show up in Google search results. This way, your ideal clients will be able to find you when they Google their problems. We’ll cover all of your blog SEO so you don’t need to spend time learning how to do this.

A copy editor will review your blog posts against your business vision, making additional suggestions to bring this vision to life. This means not one but two experts will get involved in crafting your blog.

Your blog posts aren’t perfect until you say they are. This is your opportunity to request amends in one round of Google Docs. We’ll implement all your revisions. This way, we can guarantee that you’ll end up with blog posts that you’re delighted with and excited to upload to your website.

You can cancel your blog package whenever you like with 30 days’ notice.

Copywriter's notepad with ideas for a client blog | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriter with laptop planning a client's blog | Finer Things Editorial
The head blogger behind Finer Things Editorial

Amazing bonuses

We’ll compile a list of on-brand buzzwords that you can drag and drop into your social media captions, emails, and other copy projects. We’ll also include the SEO keywords that your ideal clients are Googling.

This cheat sheet will lay out your tone of voice and style preferences so you can stay consistent across all content creation. No more mix-ups between uppercase and lowercase headings, spelling preferences, and any other little things that look unprofessional when used inconsistently.

Already got these bonuses? No problem. We’ll give your exsiting ones a glow up.

Switch on your brand spotlight.

We love a simple process

Work with us in four easy steps.



We’ll send you your contract, breakthrough brand questionnaire, and a 50% deposit invoice.


Connection call

We’ll invite you to book a connection call, where we’ll get to know you and the language you use.


Blogging magic

We’ll complete your keyword research, editorial calendar, and bonuses. Then the blogging begins!


Your time to shine

We’ll deliver your blog posts in Google Docs and implement any revisions you request.

Blog package results our clients have seen within 12-18 months

From 0 to 600+ website visitors a day
From 0 to 65 blog posts ranking on page-one Google results
From 0 to 22 blog posts appearing top in Google search results
From 0 to 18,000 page views per day

Want a blog package that gives you results like these?

Blogs also continue to generate traffic long after a campaign has finished.

While we recommend blogging as an ongoing strategy, we have finished campaigns for clients who are still getting around 1,000 visitors to their blog every day, years later.

They’re not posting any new content, and they’re not paying us a penny.

Copywriters reviewing amazing results for blog clients | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriter behind the Finer Blog Copy package | Finer Things Editorial

Got questions?

Here’s what others have asked about Finer Blog Copy.

Blogging less than once a week is unlikely to generate an increase in website traffic. Unless your industry has virtually no competition, we recommend publishing at least one blog post a week. We want to help your business grow, so we don’t launch blog campaigns that are too small to benefit you.

You can’t have too many blog posts! Tell us what you need, and we’ll draw up a quote for a custom blog package.

A blog package is not a quick-win strategy. Blogging is a long game with long-term results. Most weekly blogs see steady progress from 6 months and bigger growth from 12 months. You may see results quicker than this if you have a solid domain authority and/or a blog that’s already performing well.

Blogging and social media have different benefits. Blogging is usually better for long-term growth as each blog post can show up in Google search results for years. On the other hand, the lifespan of social media posts is much shorter.

You’ve got:

  • 48 hours for followers to see your Instagram posts.
  • 24 hours for followers to see your LinkedIn posts.
  • 5–6 hours for followers to see your Facebook posts.
  • 15–18 minutes for followers to see your Tweets.

Meanwhile, some top-ranking blog posts have been showing up in the top spot of Google results since 2001. That’s over 20 years of lead generation in one blog post.

No, AI tools like ChatGPT can’t come up with unique ideas or SEO-optimise your blog posts. Instead, they produce an amalgamation of existing content already on the internet. Use AI to generate blog copy, and you’ll get mediocre, fluffy, often inaccurate text.

People can tell when they’re reading AI content, too. The response is usually, if you couldn’t be bothered to write this, why should I be bothered to read it?

Sometimes entrepreneurs don’t want to complete a brand questionnaire if they’ve already completed one for their designer. Our questionnaire is typically more in-depth than a designer’s as we’ve designed it to inform your copy, which goes much deeper than your visuals.

We promise we wouldn’t ask you to do anything for no reason. Completing our questionnaire will allow us to really work magic for you.

Let’s partner up

The right blog package can put you in the spotlight as the pro of your industry. Let’s get your expertise showing up in Google search results – where clients can find you.

All eyes on you.

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Copywriter drawing up a bespoke quote for a blog client | Finer Things Editorial

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Need copy that doesn’t fit into this blog package? Tell us what you’re thinking, and we’ll send you a custom quote.