Sales copy that makes the transformation you offer clear

Let’s get your offer party started

You have a new offer in the works

Congratulations, by the way!

You’ve crafted a service, programme, course, or workshop that you know can change lives. Now all you need is sales copy that has dream clients lining up to book.

There’s just one problem. You and your team don’t know how to write conversion-optimised copy.

Sure, your business coach can review your sales page from a non-copywriter point of view. Yes, your VA can write some emails based on the sales page that isn’t primed for a sell-out. Your friend ChatGPT might even have a few suggestions.

What you’ll end up with is a collage of ideas that don’t come together to embody your brand, personality, or core message. (We love a cute patchwork quilt, but patchwork copy?)

That’s why so many entrepreneurs reach Launch Time and can’t shake the feeling that they’re not going to get the results they deserve.

Copywriter thinking about the importance of professional writing for a launch project | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriter thinking about why it's important to hire a pro writer for launch copy | Finer Things Editorial

Four signs you need a sales copywriter

You need a (phenomenal) sales copywriter if:

When you get your sales copy right, your offer becomes memorable. It becomes a magnet for great-fit clients. Sign-ups and bookings feel easy.

This is where we come in. We’ll create copy that is both enticing and succinct. Copy that immediately shows your dream clients that you get them.

Finer Sales Copy: What you’ll get

Sales copy that shows your prospects they need you. Now.

£1,097 (1,370 USD) | Delivered in 10 days from your connection call.

This questionnaire illuminates the roots of your brand – the parts we need to understand to write copy that’s true to you. If you’ve been burned before and received copy that felt off, it’s probably because your copywriter didn’t ask the right questions about your brand first.

During this welcome call, we’ll get to know you and the language you use. We’ll really listen. This way, we’ll be able to uphold your voice and style when we write your sales copy.

We’ll write the sales page that gets ideal clients booking your programme, course, workshop, or service. Next, we’ll write a launch sequence of eight emails that you can send to your subscribers. These emails will keep you and your offer front of mind, especially for subscribers who need to hear about your offer a few times before they book.

Add another sales page or bundle of five emails for £120 (150 USD).

The average person spends 6–12 months perfecting their SEO skills. You don’t have to invest this time as we’ll cover your SEO for you. We’ll research the words, phrases, and questions your ideal clients are Googling. We’ll target these in your sales page so you show up when they turn to Google.

A copy editor will review your sales page and emails against your business vision, making additional suggestions to bring this vision to life. This means not one but two experts will get involved in crafting your head-turning sales copy.

When we present you with your copy, we’ll include a recording that explains the creative decisions we made to match your brand vision.

Your sales copy isn’t perfect until you say it is. This is your opportunity to request amends in one round of Google Docs. We’ll implement all your revisions. This way, we can guarantee that you’ll end up with copy that you’re delighted with and excited to upload to your website and email software.

We’ll deliver your copy within 10 business days* from your connection call, ready to copy and paste into your web/email builder or hand to your designer.

*Extra time will be needed if you add copy to your base package or request revisions.

Copywriters behind the Finer Launch Package | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriters behind the Finer Launch Package | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriter planning bonuses for a launch copy project | Finer Things Editorial

Amazing bonuses

We’ll compile a list of on-brand buzzwords that you can drag and drop into your social media captions, emails, and other copy projects.

This cheat sheet will lay out your tone of voice and style preferences so you can stay consistent across all content creation. No more mix-ups between uppercase and lowercase headings, spelling preferences, and any other little things that look unprofessional when used inconsistently.

Already got these bonuses? No problem. We’ll give your existing ones a glow up.

Let’s put your offer in its best light.

We love a simple process

Work with us in four easy steps.



We’ll send you your contract, breakthrough brand questionnaire, and a 50% deposit invoice.


Connection call

We’ll invite you to book a connection call, where we’ll get to know you and the language you use.


Copy magic

Over the 10 business days following our call, we’ll create your sales copy and bonuses.


Your time to shine

We’ll implement any revisions you request and send your final invoice.

Copywriter answering questions about the Finer Launch Copy package | Finer Things Editorial

Got questions?

Here’s what others have asked about Finer Sales Copy.

Men who share our values, yes!

No. If your sales copy was a lasagne, we’d make you the Michelin-star version. AI would make you the Lidl ready meal.

When you sign up with us, you should feel the same excitement you feel when your plane lands in the Maldives.

When reading the copy we’ve carefully crafted, you should hear it in your Ted Talk – or alternative favourite – voice.

When you publish your copy, you should feel the same relief you feel when you remember that yes, you did switch off your straighteners before heading out for dinner.

It feels good to know you don’t have to do any writing yourself and that your business is on the way up.

Business founders who know how powerful good copy can be. Who are looking for the Finer Things in life. Friendly people who are excited to work openly with us.

The length of your sales page will depend on the amount of information we need to convey about your offer. Most sales pages are 700–1,500 words. Sometimes, shorter pages take more time to write than the longer ones. This is because chiselling your message down to its purest form can take as long as writing the initial copy!

Sales pages for lower-ticket offers are typically shorter than pages for higher-ticket offers. This is because prospects usually need more information to feel ready to invest in a higher-ticket offer. On the flip side, lots of information can overwhelm a prospect considering a low-budget investment.

Emails are usually around 200 words each. Snappy, pack-a-punch emails often convert better, especially when you’re sending a launch sequence of emails within a couple of days of each other.

Okay, here’s the scoop: We know filling out a questionnaire can feel like a drag, especially if you’ve already done it once for your designer.

Buuuuut ours isn’t your garden-variety brand questionnaire. We’ve crafted it specially to help us create sparkling copy for you.

Trust us, we’d never waste your time – every question serves a purpose, paving the way for us to work some serious magic and deliver results that’ll blow your socks off.

We’ll send you a 50% invoice when you book your project. We’ll then send another 50% invoice at the end of your project. You don’t have to pay in full upfront!

Let’s partner up

The right sales copywriter can take your offer messaging from bland to bold. Let’s fill your world with VIP clients/participants who are ecstatic about working with you.

We’ll bathe that offer in glitter.

Copywriter ready to partner with a business needing help with launch copy | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriter preparing for a bespoke launch copy project | Finer Things Editorial

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