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Get the copy that stops dream clients from even considering your competitors

Stuck in the flat copy rut

Don’t worry, we get it.

Numerous women have stood where you stand now:

Things are okay. But you’re ready for more than okay. You’re ready to enter your powerhouse era. The era where you become the woman of your industry.

Copywriter planning a new project on a video call | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriters at Finer Things Editorial

You’re stardust; you need vibrant copy to match

Your website is your shopfront: the entrance to your business that should entice dream clients through the door. Get your website messaging right, and your investment will pay back time and time again.

Words are the keys to this messaging. Words will have your dream clients feeling whatever you want them to feel. Inspired. Relaxed. Heard. Motivated. Empowered. Ready.

This is where we step in.

Finer Website Copy: What you’ll get

Website copy that cuts through the noise and shows ideal clients that you’re the only option.

£1,197 (1,495 USD) | Delivered in 10 days from your connection call.

This questionnaire illuminates the roots of your brand – the parts we need to understand to write copy that’s true to you. If you’ve been burned before and received copy that felt off, it’s probably because your copywriter didn’t ask the right questions about your brand first.

During this welcome call, we’ll get to know you and the language you use. We’ll really listen. This way, we’ll be able to uphold your voice and style when we write your website copy.

Choose any three pages for us to write. Home, About, and a Service(s) page are most popular. But you can choose whichever pages you want. For example, what about…

  • A service page for each of your offers? Separate service pages allow us to go into more detail about each of your offers. (For example, this page is an individual page about just one of our services.)
  • A contact page that raises the stakes? A page that makes readers feel something before they enquire. A page that makes sure they do enquire rather than click away at the last hurdle.
  • Case studies that highlight your best work? Case studies allow us to guide prospects through the transformation you’ve created for other clients, showing them that they can enjoy this experience too.

Conversion-focused call-to-action buttons included.

Unsure which pages are best for your brand? Drop us a message, and we’ll talk you through your options.

Add additional pages for £120 (150 USD) each.

The average person spends 6–12 months perfecting their SEO skills. You don’t have to invest this time as we’ll cover your SEO for you. We’ll research the words, phrases, and questions your ideal clients are Googling. We’ll target these in your copy so you show up when they turn to Google.

A copy editor will review each web page against your business vision, making additional suggestions to bring this vision to life. This means not one but two experts will get involved in crafting your head-turning website copy.

When we present you with your web copy, we’ll include a recording that explains the creative decisions we made to match your brand vision.

Your website copy isn’t perfect until you say it is. This is your opportunity to request amends in one round of edits in Google Docs. We’ll implement all your revisions. This way, we can guarantee that you’ll end up with copy that you’re delighted with and excited to upload to your website.

We’ll deliver your copy within 10 business days* from your connection call, ready to copy and paste into your web builder or hand to your designer.

*Extra time will be needed if you add copy to your base package or request revisions.

Copywriter taking notes to write effective website copy for a client | Finer Things Editorial
Website copywriter presenting the Finer Website Copy package | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriter preparing bonuses for a client's new website copy | Finer Things Editorial

Amazing bonuses

We’ll compile a list of on-brand buzzwords that you can drag and drop into your social media captions, emails, and other copy projects. We’ll also include the SEO keywords that your ideal clients are Googling.

This cheat sheet will lay out your tone of voice and style preferences so you can stay consistent across all content creation. No more mix-ups between uppercase and lowercase headings, spelling preferences, and any other little things that look unprofessional when used inconsistently.

Already got these bonuses? No problem. We’ll give your existing ones a glow up.

The crème de la crème can be yours.

We love a simple process

Work with us in four easy steps.



We’ll send you your contract, breakthrough brand questionnaire, and a 50% deposit invoice.


Connection call

We’ll invite you to book a connection call, where we’ll get to know you and the language you use.


Copy magic

Over the 10 business days following our call, we’ll create your web copy and bonuses.


Your time to shine

We’ll implement any revisions you request and send your final invoice.

Need a new website build to go with your new copy?

We know someone who can help…

Outstanding copy is only half of the picture when it comes to showstopping websites. There’s the website itself to consider, too.

We want our clients to have websites that are both glossy and fully optimised. That’s why we love it when they invite Mage Rage, our favourite web development and design team, to collaborate with us.

We are biased as Mage Rage is Charlotte’s husband’s company. But we can promise you that Alan’s team is at the top of the web development/design game. And you probably know by now that Charlotte sets her standards at 1,000% (both for website copy and men).

*Mage Rage are also the pros behind this website. If you like it, you’ll like what they can do for you.

Laptop on chair in a copywriting studio | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriter reading to gather inspiration for a copy project | Finer Things Editorial

Got questions?

Here’s what others have asked about Finer Website Copy.

No. AI tools like ChatGPT can’t come up with new ideas, and they can’t tell your unique story. Instead, AI generates the average of what’s already on the internet. Use it for your website, and you’ll have generalised fluff as your site copy.

While we’re at it, AI generators can’t do your SEO for you. They can’t unpack the deeper layers of your business vision. They can’t understand the psychology of selling in words.

There are places to use AI strategically in your marketing, but your website copy isn’t one of them.

Yes. We’re based in England, but many of our clients are in the U.S. We write for businesses all over the world.

The length of each web page depends on the amount of information we need to convey about your business. 

Most pages are 700–1,500 words. Sometimes, shorter pages take more time to write than the longer ones. This is because chiselling your message down to its purest form can take as long as writing the initial copy!

We know what you’re thinking: ‘If I’ve already completed a brand questionnaire for my designer, can’t you just use that one?’

The thing is, our questionnaire delves deeper than most. It’s specifically tailored to enrich the copywriting process and goes beyond the visual identity of your brand.

Rest assured, every question serves a purpose: Completing our questionnaire means we can deliver exceptional copy that really feels like you.

We’ll send you a 50% deposit invoice and a 50% completion invoice at the end of your project. You don’t have to pay in full upfront!

Let’s partner up

You know the right website copywriter holds the key to the yeses you need from your dream clients. Let’s get you those yeses. Let’s get you the confidence, consistency, and cold hard cash your business needs.

Things are about to get gooooooddd.

Copywriter onboarding a new client | Finer Things Editorial
Copywriter collecting inspiration for a bespoke client project | Finer Things Editorial

The Secret Menu


Need website copy that doesn’t fit into this package? Tell us what you’re thinking, and we’ll send you a custom quote.

DIY templates for women who want to write their own website copy

Done-for-you website copywriting is the perfect, time-saving, sigh-of-relief solution for many entrepreneurs. But not for everyone.

Want to write your own website? These templates lay out the exact formulae we use to plot copy for our clients. Copy that makes their value so clear they can raise their rates. on. the. spot.

Buy the templates for the pages you need help with, or download the complete bundle to save 20% across all templates.