Joining us as a client

You’ve discovered Finer Things Editorial, and you know you don’t want to spend a second longer writing your copy when we could do it for you.

We can’t wait to bring your vision to life through personalised, strategic copywriting. 

Here’s an outline of our onboarding process and what you can expect while we’re working together.

Let’s get started.

Phase One

Partnering up

We’ll send you our onboarding package, which includes:

  • Our breakthrough brand questionnaire, which will lay the groundwork for us to understand your business vision and personality. This will be essential when creating your copy. The questionnaire can also encourage you to make decisions about your brand voice that you may not have considered yet.
  • Our T&Cs, which lay out our terms for working together and cover the formalities for both of us.
  • A 50% deposit invoice. (Or your first monthly invoice, if you’ve booked the Finer Blog Copy package.)

We’ll invite you to join us for a connection call so we can learn all about your unique needs and concerns.

We’ll bring any questions we have about your brand, and you’ll get the chance to discuss anything that came up for you when you filled out our brand questionnaire.

Plus, there’s a lot of chatting about mutual interests (we do try to stay on topic, but sometimes we get excited).

During this call, we’ll also absorb everything you say so we can capture and replicate your voice (but not in a creepy, artificial intelligence kind of way).

Call it magic or a sponge-like ability, but we’re great at picking up on those little nuances that make your content really sound like you. Things like word choice, the way you talk, and what can only be described as vibes.

Phase Two

Sprinkling some strategy magic

You’ll receive fabulous bonuses with your copy project. For example, if you’ve booked our Finer Blog Copy package, you’ll receive:

  • A custom word bank for your brand. We strategically select keywords to use in your blog posts and update the list with every blog post at no additional charge. You can look at this list whenever you like. (This list includes insights into what your ideal clients are Googling.)
  • A brand style cheat sheet. Once we’ve nailed your brand voice, a style sheet can help you keep that tone and style cohesive across all content.

Your project will require some careful strategy planning before we get stuck in. 

This stage might involve keyword research or content calendar creation. Basically, we never write anything without a reason or an informed strategy.

Phase Three

Spinning words into gold

We conduct thorough research on everything we write about to ensure your copy includes accurate, up-to-date information.

This is the bit where your writer(s) sits down and conjures up copy magic. Once we’ve gotten to know you, the inspo should flow naturally.

We don’t like to bother you during the copywriting process, as you’re a busy person.

If we could do absolutely everything for you, we would. But we do love to get our clients’ input on what we’ve written, so this stage involves a round of edits from you.

If you have any feedback, you can make edits, and we’ll implement these to make sure the copyis perfect for you.

About Finer Things Editorial

Finer Things Editorial writes for businesses that help others achieve abundance, whether in the form of profit, self-love, or physical health. Our content helps these businesses attract their dream clients, so they don’t have to chase them. Having taken businesses from 0 to 1,000+ primed-to-buy website visitors per day, we take businesses from unknown to really known.