Is blogging still popular in 2024?

There’s always someone out there wildly shouting, ‘Blogging is dead!’ But is blogging really dead, or is this false information?

Here’s the scoop: no, blogging isn’t dead. The way that we consume blogs has changed. But blogs are far from ghost-town relics. In fact, they’re breathing life into businesses all over the world.

Blogs are still popular in 2024. When people say blogging is dead, they mean we’re less likely to make a cup of tea, sit down, and read a complete blog post than we were 10 years ago.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t Google our problems and find a blog post with the perfect solution. A solution that leads us to work with the business behind that blog post.

It doesn’t mean we won’t check out a service provider’s website and flick through their blog. And fall in love with them because they share so much useful advice.

Because they create such a huge level of trust.

Because they love what they do so much that they write post after post of passionate content about their niche.

1. You'll get eyes on your business

In 2024, most businesses’ main goal for their blog is to reach ideal clients. If you do the all-important SEO, you’ll show up when the people you’d love to help Google their problems.

For example, if you’re an email marketer, you could write a blog post entitled: ‘How to grow an email list from scratch.’

20 people are Googling this every month, and the search term has a relatively low keyword difficulty score of 18 (according to Ubersuggest).

Let’s take another example.

If you’re a reflexologist who specialises in fertility, you could write a blog post entitled: ‘How to better chances of getting pregnant.’

3,600 people are Googling this every month, and the search term has a relatively low keyword difficulty score of 17.

Get eyes on your business | Finer Things Editorial

2. You can earn bonus income by monetising your blog

Earn bonus income by monetising your blog | Finer Things Editorial

SEO blogging (above) is the main way businesses use blogging to make money.

That said, you can use ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts, and your own products to earn extra income via your blog.

This leans more into the influencer side of marketing, but there are plenty of possibilities to explore here.

Quick tip: Grow your blog organically before venturing into monetisation strategies. You need regular visitors before you can make this work at scale.

3. You'll become a go-to expert

Every industry is full of experts.

Make your voice heard amongst these experts by writing an informative post about every nugget of wisdom you have to share.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you become a knowledge source that your ideal clients turn to.

Become a go-to expert | Finer Things Editorial

4. You'll expose yourself to media opportunities

Expose yourself to media opportunities | Finer Things Editorial

As your blog posts rack up, your name will grow in the wider world of your industry.

The more your position as a go-to expert strengthens, the more luck you’ll have when applying for:

  • Book deals.
  • Brand partnerships.
  • Editorial features.
  • Podcast interviews.
  • Sponsored posts.
  • Guest blog posts.

And these opportunities will only lead to more visibility, lucrative projects, and more abundance.

5. You'll enjoy a creative outlet

Blogs aren’t the online diaries we used to keep. (This is the kind of blogging that’s now dead.)

But while blogs aren’t spaces for writing letters to yourself any more, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.

Your blog is your platform to say and do whatever you like.

To put a message into the world that only you can.

Have fun with it.

Enjoy a creative outlet | Finer Things Editorial

6. You'll grow your confidence

Grow your confidence | Finer Things Editorial

Blogging will remind you how much expertise you have to share.

When you see all of your wisdom laid out in post after post, you’ll remind yourself how credible you are.

Even better, you’ll show anyone visiting your website how credible you are.

7. You'll get better at tech

Lots of entrepreneurs love the idea of blogging but don’t want to handle the tech side of things.

The good news is, once you’ve uploaded blog content to your website once or twice, you’ll have the skills pinned down for allllll the content you create in future.

This will help you well beyond your blog. Next time you launch a new product or service, you’ll know how to add a new page to your website.

Next time you want to add to your online portfolio or case studies, the same will apply.

You’ll be set for life.

You’ll get better at tech | Finer Things Editorial

8. You'll make a difference

Make a difference | Finer Things Editorial

When you blog about your areas of expertise, you share your wisdom with the world.

Just imagine how many people’s lives you can make easier by putting your knowledge out there. 

Even if just one person reads your blog, you can improve their life.

9. You'll keep an eye on what your competitors are doing

This benefit only applies if you blog strategically, which we recommend you do.

Before you start your blog:

  • Research the phrases your ideal clients are Googling.
  • Take one of those phrases for each blog post and Google it.
  • Have a look at how the top three competitors have approached their content. You’ll see exactly what’s working for them to make them appear in Google search results.

All you have to do then is write a better blog post. 😉

Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing | Finer Things Editorial

Share your blog on at least one other platform

We’ll finish with a reminder that patience is essential for a business blog. Your effort will pay off, but it will take time.

If you’re blogging once a week, you should see some growth within six months. And the real dividends will come after 12–18 months.

As long as you want to be in business a year from now, today is the day to plant those blog seeds and get your 2024 off to a great start.

That said, you can ramp up your blog’s results by embracing at least one other platform.

Place your blog at the core of your marketing strategy and repurpose it everywhere that you support your audience.

Your blog will give you oodles of content that you can repurpose into binge-able social media, podcast, enewsletter, and YouTube content.

You won’t be stuck for ideas again.

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