21 reasons to hire a blogger

If you’re a business owner, you probably have a website. Perhaps you also have a blog on your website but you don’t have the time (or inclination) to update it regularly. Or maybe you’d like to add a blog to your site but you don’t know where to start.

Why not outsource your blogging to the experts? There are loads of excellent reasons to hire a blogger. If you’re ready to get your time back and become the go-to expert in your industry, check out our Finer Blog Copy package.

Keep scrolling to discover 21 reasons to hire a blogger, or use the navigation below to jump to the reasons that interest you:

1. Improve Google rankings

Improving Google rankings is crucial for getting your business found online.

Hire a blogger to create blog posts that enhance your website’s authority and reliability in the eyes of search engines like Google.

We know what a powerful influence a blog can have on your Google rankings.

Within a year and a half of starting a new blog for a client, they had 65 blog posts ranking on page-one Google results. Plus, we took them from 0 to 22 blog posts appearing top in Google results.

Improve Google rankings | Finer Things Editorial

2. Boost website traffic

Boost website traffic | Finer Things Editorial

You can significantly boost your website traffic when you hire a blogger.

In fact, businesses with a blog get 55% more website visitors than businesses without a blog.

A skilled blogger will create engaging content that attracts more people to your site via search engines.

Our blog package client enjoyed spectacular web traffic growth when they hired us. Within 12-18 months, we took them from 0 to 600+ website visitors a day and from 0 to 18,000 daily page views.

3. Attract dream clients

When you hire a blogger, you can sit back and relax, knowing your dream clients will soon find your business.

A well-optimised blog can attract a steady stream of ready-to-buy visitors.

It’s all to do with including relevant keywords in each blog post.

When your ideal clients search for phrases and questions related to your expertise, keywords will improve your chances of coming top in Google search results.

Attract dream clients | Finer Things Editorial

4. Enhance brand visibility

Enhance brand visibility | Finer Things Editorial

Keen to enhance your brand visibility? Hire a blogger.

Search engine optimised-blog posts are more likely to get higher rankings in Google.

This will push your brand to the top of search results, getting more eyes on your business.

Consistent, high-quality posts establish your brand as an industry authority, fostering trust and loyalty.

Plus, engaging content encourages sharing. More people sharing your blog posts means increased brand recognition.

5. Educate your target audience

Educating your target audience is essential for making your target audience aware of your services. Sharing knowledge and insights can also position you as an industry’s maven, enhancing credibility and trustworthiness.

How can you do this? By hiring a blogger to craft informative and engaging blog posts tailored to your ideal clients’ needs and interests.

A blog can serve as a valuable resource hub that:

  • Attracts the people you want to work with.
  • Explains why you are the obvious choice amongst your competitors.
  • Helps your target audience understand the value of your services.
Educate your target audience | Finer Things Editorial

6. Build a loyal audience

Build a loyal audience | Finer Things Editorial

Hiring a blogger to maintain a blog for your business can help you build a loyal audience.

When you offer valuable, relevant, engaging content that resonates with people, they’ll keep coming back for more.

A skilled blogger will conduct research to understand your ideal client’s preferences and pain points. Then, they’ll craft content that will meet these people’s needs.

People who connect with your content become loyal readers who are more likely to work with you.

7. Generate content for email newsletters

Email marketing is a core marketing approach for many businesses, and for a good reason. Few marketing channels can compare with email marketing’s average return on investment (ROI).

Hiring a blogger can help you with your email marketing, too. You can repurpose each blog post they write and split the content into a series of shorter email newsletters. Each newsletter can focus on actionable tips from the original content.

You can also send emails promoting your latest blog posts. Including teasers from each post will entice subscribers to click and read the full article on your website.

Generate content for email newsletters | Finer Things Editorial

8. Create more content to repurpose on social media

Posting regularly on social media is a big time commitment. Not only do you need to post multiple times a week (or day), but social media posts also have a very short lifespan.

Create more content to repurpose on social media | Finer Things Editorial

For example, Hootsuite recommends posting one to two times a day on Facebook and three to five times a week on Instagram.

However, you’ve only got five to six hours for followers to see your Facebook posts and 48 hours for them to see your Instagram posts.

When you hire a blogger, you’ll get a stream of fresh, original content. You can repurpose each blog post into a batch of social media posts.

Do this by selecting key takeaways and teachable points and turning them into posts for your social media platform of choice.

9. Position yourself as an industry leader

In a sea of competitors, who are your dream clients trusting for guidance and support?

If it’s not you, hiring a blogger can change that.

A blog is a fail-safe way to position yourself as a leader in your industry.

When your blog posts appear in Google search results with the info your clients are looking for, you become their top choice and go-to provider.

Position yourself as an industry leader | Finer Things Editorial

10. Showcase your expertise in niche topics

According to Hubspot, Google has changed its algorithm to favour topic-based content. Because of this, more websites are linking related content under a ‘topic clusters’ model.

Showcase your expertise in niche topics | Finer Things Editorial

In this model, a central ‘pillar’ page serves as the hub for a broad topic. Related content pages then link back to this main page. Google recognises the pillar page’s authority, boosting its ranking for the topic.

You can also benefit from this topic cluster approach when you hire a blogger. A blogger can research blog topics and write clusters of blog posts around a common theme.

Aside from supporting your SEO efforts, this blogging approach can showcase your expertise in niche topics.

For example, if you’re a nutritionist, you might have a pillar blog post on a topic like superfoods. Your blogger could then write blog posts about different superfoods, from spinach to chia seeds, with each new article linking back to the pillar page.

11. Drive conversions

Hiring a blogger can ultimately help you drive conversions on your website. Each blog post can guide your ideal clients closer to working with you through calls to action (CTAs).

CTAs prompt people to take whatever action you would love them to take when they finish reading your blog. You might want readers to:

  • Download an ebook, brochure, guide, or similar.
  • Sign up for a free introductory session.
  • Join your email list to get weekly tips.
  • Book an offer.
  • Enrol in a webinar or masterclass.

The best bloggers include these CTAs as often as possible into your blog posts, not only at the end.

Drive conversions | Finer Things Editorial

12. Add more pages to your website

How many pages does your website have? Maybe 5–10, including a home page, an about page, and services pages?

Add more pages to your website | Finer Things Editorial

Without a blog, those are the most pages you’ll ever have, unless you add a new service or sales page.

You want to add more pages to your website because Google ‘crawls’ them and stores them in its index.

Indexed pages can appear in Google search results. So more indexed pages equals more opportunities to rank.

Hiring a blogger to create blog posts – aka more web pages – can massively boost your chances of getting found via Google.

Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. That’s a huge advantage for businesses with blogs.

13. Make customer service a breeze

Hire a blogger to make your customer service a whole lot easier. When prospects email or DM you with questions and you’re short on time, you can send them a link to the relevant blog post.

This will save you time, but it also means prospects get a super-valuable resource and access to loads more of your informative content.

This worked for our blog package client Sam. Our blog posts for Sam included the answers to popular customer queries.

We added any new questions to our blog queue, meaning that anyone Googling these queries would find Sam’s wisdom and compelling solutions. (Of course, these solutions involved buying from Sam.)

With us writing a blog post every three days for two years, Sam’s blog became a valuable hub for their customer service team.

Make customer service a breeze | Finer Things Editorial

14. Get your time back

Get your time back | Finer Things Editorial

When you hire a blogger, they take all blog-related tasks off your hands. You don’t need to do any of the writing, optimising, editing, and uploading involved in crafting a high-quality blog post.

Creating one blog post can take around five hours. As you usually need to publish at least one blog post a week to see results, that adds up to 260 hours a year spent on blogging. That’s nearly two working months or a whole sixth of your year.

You can get all this time back when you hire a blogger who will work their magic for you.

15. Blog consistently

As a plate-spinning business owner, it’s easy to fall behind on your blogging schedule.

All it takes is a particularly hectic week and you’ll find blogging dropping down your list of priorities.

Uploading inconsistently is a major blogging mistake to avoid. When your blog stops being a priority, you’ll stop building that vital content hub that leads to clients.

You can rest easy knowing your blog will see consistent uploads when you hire a blogger. No more falling behind schedule or irregular posts that leave your blog looking like a ghost town.

Blog consistently | Finer Things Editorial

16. Never run out of ideas

Never run out of ideas | Finer Things Editorial

Struggling to come up with ideas for blog posts often leads to business owners putting off blogging.

When you’re constantly wondering what to blog about next, you’re more likely to move your blog to the bottom of your to-do list.

Hiring a blogger means you never need to run out of ideas because you’re paying a professional to research topics for you.

Many pro bloggers create content calendars to keep track of blogging topics. We create an editorial calendar for each of our blog package clients, so they can see which new topics we’re blogging about each month.

17. Get more people to find your blog

Is your blog struggling to bring in the website traffic you deserve? If you’re not a blogging expert, you may not be aware of all the tips and tricks that boost the number of visitors to your content.

The right blogger can bring years of SEO expertise to the table. An expert implementing SEO blogging techniques means even better chances of your website getting found in Google.

We cover all aspects of blog SEO so our Finer Blog Copy clients show up in Google search results. This way, their dream clients can find them when they Google their problems.

Get more people to find your blog | Finer Things Editorial

18. Perfect your copy

Do you often find typos and missing punctuation in your blog posts after you’ve uploaded them?

Perfect your copy | Finer Things Editorial

Poor spelling and grammar can make your business appear unprofessional or careless. Mistakes in your copy could be creating a negative first impression and turning off potential clients.

When you hire a blogger, you’re reducing the likelihood of mistakes slipping into your copy. Bloggers are professional writers who are paid to produce content that’s polished and error-free.

Our blog package includes copy editing as standard. A copy editor reviews each blog post and makes additional suggestions to ensure each one is perfect.

That means not one but two copywriting experts get involved in crafting our clients’ blogs.

19. Increase the time readers spend on your website

Did you know that, on average, people spend 52 seconds on a webpage?

You can increase the time readers linger on your website (aka ‘dwell time’) when you hire a blogger.

Bloggers know how to craft engaging, ultra-readable blog posts that keep visitors scrolling for longer.

Higher dwell times can lead to increased engagement, improved search engine rankings, and higher conversion rates. (Yes please! we hear you cry.)

One of our techniques for keeping readers on our clients’ sites for longer is to include internal links in blog posts. These are links to other blog posts and pages on our clients’ websites.

When a reader clicks on an internal link, it extends their stay on your site and helps them discover more information about your business.

Increase the time readers spend on your website | Finer Things Editorial

20. Enhance local search visibility

Enhance local search visibility | Finer Things Editorial

Does your business serve people who live in your town / city?

46% of Google searches have local intent. That means almost half of all Google users want to learn about businesses and events local to them.

When you hire a blogger, they can help you show up online when people Google local services. For example, ‘Shrewsbury copywriter’ or ‘Shrewsbury bloggers.’

We do this for clients by adding the name of their location into the metadata of their blog posts.

21. Take the pressure off your team

You may have a person on your team who is a decent content writer and handles your blog for you. Many businesses even allow interns or virtual assistants to write their blog posts.

The only problem is: it’s not what they were hired for. Blogging is likely an extra task on their job list that they may not have the time or skills to complete. Not to the high standard your business deserves.

Everyone can write to some level, but a professional blogger is trained in various areas that many non-writers often overlook. Areas like readability, SEO and keywords, headlines, subheadings, and CTAs.

Each of these skills adds up to better writing overall. It’s why top-tier companies hire professional bloggers.

High-quality writing leads to heightened reader engagement. And more engagement ultimately translates to more clients.

Take the pressure off your team | Finer Things Editorial

Ready to hire a blogger?

Ready to hire a blogger | Finer Things Editorial

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